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About Multi Juice

Multi Juice Is Made Up Of :

  • Maca Stem Cell
  • Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)
  • Dextrose
  •  Cordycep Stem Cell
  •  Saw Palmetto Fruit (Dwarf Palm)
  • Herba Cynomorii
  •  Lemon Juice Powder

Nobody's Own Problem

Men's Problems

1. Adrenal Fatigue

2. Loss of libido, Hyposexuality, Erectile Dysfunction.

3. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (Male menopause).

4. Baldness

Female's Problems

1. Premenstrual Syndrome

2. Gynecological problems

3. Infertility

The Uses Of Multi Juice

  1. Prevention of prostate diseases such as nocturia, dribbling urine, inability to urinate, etc.
  2. Raising the active level of sperm cells.
  3. Enhancing male libido and increasing ANDROGEN levels.
  4. Toning muscles and enhancing vitality.
  1. Helping regulate women’s menstruation, white discharge disease, menstrual
    cramps and other symptoms.
  2. Stimulating the reproductive system, increasing chances of conception.
  3. Improving menopause problems: hot flashes, easy sweating, mental instability, aging, osteoporosis.

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